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Our proven process provides a clear understanding of our client’s needs, and the steps through which we will meet those needs, allowing us to produce positive results time and time again.

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With over 100 years of combined industry experience, our team has the knowledge and credibility to truly understand our clients’ complex executive search needs.

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Dedicated recruiters have provided us a unique opportunity to grow and foster one of the industries’ deepest and most talented candidate pools, ensuring our clients the right fit every time.

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Our primary focus with our Restaurant Executive Search Recruitment is to provide our clients with the talent they need – when they need it. Our Restaurant Executive Recruiters are some of the most experienced in the industry, with a deep pipeline of the industry’s most talented executive-level candidates. Ensuring we get the job done right, with limited turnaround time, and successful results.

Recent Executive Placements

Restaurant Industry Executives:
  • CEO, Private Equity Acquisition Fast Casual Chain
  • CEO, Multi Concept Full Service Chain
  • COO, Asian Fast Casual Chain
  • VP Culinary, Industry Leading Casual Theme Concept
  • Sr. VP Real Estate & Development, Fast Casual Pizza Concept
  • VP Marketing, National QSR Chain
Franchise Industry Executives:
  • CEO, Private Equity Acquisition QSR Franchise
  • VP Franchise Sales, National Retail Franchisor
  • Director Procurement & Distribution, National Franchisor
  • CFO, National Multi Concept Franchisee
  • VP Franchise Development, National QSR Chain
Hotel Industry Executives:
  • General Manager, Upscale Full Service Hotel
  • General Manager, Premier Hotel Management Company
  • Director Marketing, Regional Hotel Chain
  • Director Construction & Facilities, National Hotel Franchise
  • General Manager, Historic Hotel Complex
  • Director Food & Beverage, Upscale Hotel


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Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant Executive Search is a specialized recruitment service aimed at identifying, attracting, and hiring top-level executives and management professionals for roles within the restaurant and hospitality industry. This includes positions such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Executive Chefs, and General Managers.

Executive search is crucial for restaurants because the success of these establishments often hinges on the quality and expertise of their leadership. The right executives can drive strategic decisions, foster a positive culture, innovate on the culinary front, and ultimately contribute to the restaurant’s profitability and reputation.

The process typically begins with understanding the client’s needs, followed by developing a search strategy, identifying potential candidates through research and network, assessing candidates through interviews and evaluations, presenting candidates to the client, and assisting with the negotiation and onboarding process.

Search firms typically look for a combination of leadership skills, industry experience, a proven track record of success, innovative thinking, financial acumen, and the ability to manage and motivate teams.

The timeline can vary widely depending on the specific role and requirements, but it generally takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete an executive search.

Unlike regular recruitment, which may focus on filling vacancies at various levels of an organization, executive search is a highly specialized process aimed at identifying and attracting senior-level talent, often involving confidential and strategic approaches to candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities.

While it’s possible for a restaurant to conduct its own search, leveraging the expertise, network, and resources of a specialized search firm can significantly enhance the chances of finding the right candidate, especially for critical, high-stakes executive roles.

The cost can vary depending on the firm and the level of the position being filled but is typically a percentage of the hired executive’s first-year total compensation, ranging from 20% to 35%.

Executive search firms use discreet search techniques, conduct confidential discussions, and only disclose candidate and client information on a need-to-know basis to protect the privacy and interests of all parties involved.

Many executive search firms offer a guarantee period, meaning if the hired executive leaves or is terminated within a certain timeframe (usually within the first year), the search firm will conduct a new search at little to no cost to the client.

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