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Why Private Equity Investors Trust Our Venture Capital Headhunters

Hands On Experience

Venture Capital Headhunters

From the ownership on down, the NRH Search team has over 100 years of hands on, executive level, industry experience. As the lead recruiter and owner of NRH Search, Ron Stockman has a unique understanding of restaurants’ needs and operations, through years of hands-on experience as an Executive Level operator.

That experience not only allowed him to formulate what now has become NRH Search, and the top level industry talent on his team, but it has also positioned him to bring his clients a valuable organizational perspective, pivotal in helping them capitalize on the brightest talent and best-performing candidates in the marketplace.

A Proven and Tested Process

Private Equity Investor Headhunters

Over the course of the previous decades the NRH Search team has partnered with a wide range of private equity investors and venture capital firms to uncover, attract, evaluate, and hire executive level talent to manage and operate their investments.

Over time – and through hard work we have perfected this process of matching highly-qualified executive level operators with our clients’ needs. Being able to quickly and effectively find the executive level operational talent needed navigate an investment is critical to ensuring investors and shareholders see a return quickly as possible.

Industry Expertise

Industry Leading Experience

Not only does our team have executive level experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry in general, but we also have extensive experience running and managing venture capital investment operations. This experience is critical in our assessment of talent and understanding of their fit within your investment. Ensuring you get the best results possible from our search.

Extensive Candidate Pool

Extensive Candidate Pool

Through our years of experience, we have built up candidate networks, that are second to none. Through consistently providing high level opportunities and regular outreach our recruiters have established extensive networks of qualified executive-level operators.

Our candidates have experience with some of the most trusted names in the industry and are thoroughly vetted for each position individually. Having this bench of highly qualified talent allows us to respond to clients needs quickly and effectively.

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